We are specialists
in rubberized and rubber products
The main part of our production are diaphragms for gas meters, diaphragms for LPG and CNG reducers.
Diaphragms for
gas meters
Diaphragms for
auto gas system
Diaphragms for
industrial regulators
G-Flex, s.r.o.
a fast developing and flexible company

The company G-Flex was established in 2010 as a trading company with a territorial focus on Eastern Europe. It is a fast developing and flexible company. Gradually G-Flex is moving also to the production of rubber products. This significant change in orientation is taking place after the entry of professionals with over two decades of international experience in managing companies in the field of technical rubber product production, mainly rubberized textile diaphragms designed for the measurement of gas consumption and diaphragsm used in the automotive industry, using LPG and CNG fuels.

The main part of the production lies in the production of diphragms for gas meters and diaphragms for LPG and CNG reducers. The company also produces flat rubber, rubberized textile products and gaskets with the thicknesses of about 0.18 mm – 3.00 mm and other types of compressed and molded diaphragms. At the customer’s request we can design a mold and ensure its construction.
Quality is not just an empty word for us
Certification according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016
Material tests are carried out in our own laboratories
Control measurements are performed
in cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlin
Tests which require more challenging equipments are
conducted by the Institute for Testing and Certification Inc.


Where to find us
Every customer is equally important for us. We supply to: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and France.

Martina Mořkovská
tel. +420 737 259 987

Headquarters and Production plant no. 1

Production plant no. 2

File number C 166665 at the Municipal Court
in Prague, the date of record June 15, 2010,

IČ: 24694185, DIČ: CZ24694185

Account number: CZK/EUR/USD/RUB 6931010001 /5500
IBAN: CZ8055000000006931010001

and Production plant #1

G-FLEX s.r.o.
Zahnašovice č.p. 132
769 01 Holešov
Czech Republic
Production plant #2
Zvonička 216
763 14  Zlín
Czech Republic

Tel/fax: +420 577 217 115
Tel: +420 603 858 785